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Welcome to Aix-en-Provence


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Aix-en-Provence is another postcard-perfect city located in southern France. It is an important city of the Provence-Alpes-cote d'azurr region. It is known to be the birthplace and home of the popular post-impressionist Paul Cezanne. It is also known as the city of thousand fountains. It is also one of the favourite hot cities of southern France. Read on to know the remarkable reasons behind its popularity.


This urban city is noted for its elegance and unmatched high culture. The limestone hill of Montagne Sainte Victoirehas become the most iconic landmark if the city. The centuries-old cathedral, the old town of Aix, hotel ParticuliersMazarine and of course the lavender fields make the city unique and way too perfect. Cours Mirabeau has a range of some of the most beautiful fountains making the streets and walkways even more beautiful.

“The balance that reigns in Nice is sought after, worked on. It really and profoundly corresponds to the qualities and aspirations of those who have chosen to come here, or to stay there.”


The university town invites numerous students from different ethnicities and backgrounds. These young and energetic students actively participate in many sports, like football, rugby, cycling, and badminton. Different clubs and associations offer memberships and training programs.

Entertainment and Leisure

No classic French city is complete without a number of beautiful parks and gardens. These public parks are the best for family hangouts. The most popular parks where something is always happening are the Terrain des Peintres, Pavilion de Vendome, and JourdanPark. Many arts and sports activities are arranged in these parks, which are equally enjoyable for all age groups. Historical landmarks, museums, and beautiful natural beauty places are always an option for a perfect getaway from busy city life.

The Best of Aix En Provence

Getting around Aix en Provence is made easy with the extensive public transport options. The first option is a bus with foxed fare that takes to almost all major landmarks of the city. The aixpress is the high-speed electric speed bus that takes you around in around. Cars and taxis are expensive but an option for people with special needs.

Interestingly, you cannot reach the city by air as no direct flight is conducted to the city. You can take a flight to Marseille and travel to Aix by road. The city is connected to many bigger cities in the country like Marseille, nice, Lyon and Montpellier by road.

Wrap Up

Aix en Provence is equally beautiful and dynamic. It's a symbol of southern France and offers perfect living conditions for families.

What you must remember

Nice is synonymous with better living and real comfort combined with constant dynamism.

  • A rich historical heritage

  • A wide range of activities and leisure for young and old

  • A real quality of daily life

  • Good accessibility

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