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Welcome to Colmar



Colmar is located in the North Western region of Grand EST. The city is near the German border, and you can clearly see the influence. It is a classic French city with all conventional characteristics like cobblestone streets, half-timbered medieval houses, and masterpieces from the gothic era.


If you have ever wondered what an Atlassian city looks like, Colmar is the clear answer. The old town, museums, parks, and gardens are so well preserved that you will have second thoughts if it's a medieval town. The countryside produces the best white wine and the most beautiful vineyards.


France is a protagonist of active and healthy life. Even a town as small as Colmar has numerous sports clubs and complexes where you can polish various skills. StadeNautique and Aqualia are the most popular complexes offering sports like badminton, swimming, horse riding, football, and rugby.

Entertainment and Leisure

There is a plethora of fun activities around the Alsace region. The charming French town, landmarks, restaurants, and small shops make Colmar a perfectly quaint town. The small town of La Petite Venise is known as little Venice for its uncanny resemblance with the beautiful city of Italy. Le Marché Couvert de Colmar is one of the biggest markets in the city that provides all essentials like food, souvenirs, antiques, and other collectibles.

The Best of Colmar

The city is connected through regional trains, so you can easily travel to Mulhouse and Strasbourg. TGV trains are the fastest to connect ends of the city. You can also take a cab to the destination if you are looking for a personalized experience. You can always travel by cycling and enjoy the views of the picturesque city.

Wrap Up

If you are fond of a quaint small city with perfect views and postcard-perfect architecture Colmar is the best option for you. The city offers all the essential amenities, and you can always head to the bigger cities in the surroundings for more facilities.

What you must remember

Nice is synonymous with better living and real comfort combined with constant dynamism.

  • A rich historical heritage

  • A wide range of activities and leisure for young and old

  • A real quality of daily life

  • Good accessibility

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