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Welcome to Laval



Laval is a small town in western France which is about 300km away from France. It is the 7th most populated area of the Pays de la Loire region. The people of Laval are called Lavallois. It is a well-balanced city and numerous economic choices and knows the art of living.


Laval is a city of art and history which intends to promote education and archaeology. It preserves the history of 1000 years. The city is committed to offer the best services and amenities for people who choose it as their home. It is equally beneficial for people who have come here to make a living or students trying to learn from the art and history of the city.

“The balance that reigns in Laval is sought after, worked on. It really and profoundly corresponds to the qualities and aspirations of those who have chosen to come there, or to stay there.”

Sports activities 

Laval has many free and supervised sports clubs to promote sports activities. The city has a stadium with a capacity of 10000 spectators where different types of sports events take place. Along with other great clubs and associations, there is a racecourse spreading over 45 hectares and an aeronautical club. Active and Sporting City also offers opportunities for differently abled people.

Entertainment and Leisure

With the river close by, you can enjoy many water-related activities like houseboats, cruises, canoe-kayak and stand-up paddle sessions. Virtual reality shows can also be enjoyed and are offered to all young and old. Many other family entertainment activities can also be enjoyed in the city. Bois de l'Huisserie is one perfect family outing space with lush green surroundings and a friendly atmosphere.

The Best of Laval

If you take the motorway, it takes about 3 hours to reach Laval from Paris. Not only the roads but the city can also be accessed by TER. It connects Nantes and Rennes to Laval. For intracity travelling, people can opt for electric bikes that are available 24 hours.

Laval Agglomeration is a communal structure located in the centre of the city, and it is known to be the best in France.

Take Aways

If you are looking for the best living standards and a comfortable lifestyle, Laval is the right choice. It has the best quality of daily life and offers numerous healthy opportunities to strive economically and culturally. It is equally interesting for the young and old.

What you must remember

Laval is synonymous with better living and real comfort combined with constant dynamism.

  • A rich historical heritage

  • A wide range of activities and leisure for young and old

  • A real quality of daily life

  • Good accessibility

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