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Welcome to Lille



Lille is located in northern France, and it is the capital of Hauts de France. It is near to the border with Belgium. It is one of the most famous University City and cultural hub of France. It used to be the merchant centre of French Flanders back in time. We can still see the Flemish influences throughout the city. It is a perfect blend of a large metropolitan city and a charm of a small countryside. It is a small city that can be crossed from one end to another in 45 minutes on foot.


He has 3 successive conquests by the Flemish, Burgundian, Spanish and French, which is why it is pretty rich in cultural and historical heritage. The city has 3 museums showcasing artefacts from the past, along with an Oprah, a National dramatic Centre, a Zenith, and nine media libraries belonging to the digital reference library. There are more than 80 different facilities for the government to make sure the history is preserved and presented to the public. 

“A former trading platform steeped in history, Lille is now linked to the major capitals of Northern Europe thanks to the industrial changes of the 19th and 20th centuries. An ideal posture between tradition and modernity.”

Sports activities 

Lille has about 200 Sports clubs which cover about 60 different disciplines and offer the free practice of many sports. The city supports a remarkably dynamic Lifestyle and allows you to participate in your favourite sport or competition irrespective of your age and background. 

Entertainment and Leisure

The city also focuses on numerous entertainment and leisure activities for all ages. People can enjoy amusement parks, urban slides, escape games, and so much more. Nantes also has many green spaces sliced by the locals for picnics. Like any other city in France, Nantes also has many Discovery walks and museums displaying art in history. 

The Best of Lille


​Lily is a perfectly mobile city with around 60 buses, Metro lines and Tramlines. The city also has a pass ticketing system which allows the inhabitants to roam around freely throughout the city. This ticketing system works throughout the Hauts de France region. Lille is also popular for having a tremendous self-service bicycle network with 223 stations which connect the whole Metropolitan area. The city is sustainable and developed by the researchers of the University of Lily. A large-scale Smart City experiment is also being performed to focus on sustainable development.

Take Aways

Lille is a truly diverse city with the best combination of urban and rural lives. It is very well connected to other significant Capitals of northern Europe. It is a perfect city for a peaceful and progressive life. 

What you must remember

Lille has an enriching duality: it offers the advantages of a village combined with those of a large city. Moreover, it straddles historical heritage and futuristic projections.

  • A large city on a human scale

  • A real comfort of life and travel

  • A direct connection to the major capitals of Northern Europe

  • The charm of historical remains combined with avant-garde modernity

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