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Sim Card

 The Sim Card Service is designed to assist expatriates in France with acquiring a local SIM card for their mobile phones. This service streamlines the process of selecting a suitable mobile carrier, obtaining the SIM card, and activating a phone plan that meets the client's communication needs.

Sim card Solutions

Time & Pricing

1 / Time

The process typically takes a day to a few days, depending on the chosen mobile carrier and plan activation.

2 / Pricing

The cost includes the price of the SIM card and the selected phone plan. Package pricing may vary based on partner fees and any additional services included.

Who is it for ?

Expatriates and foreign residents in France who need assistance in acquiring and activating a local SIM card for their mobile phones.

Follow up Process

 After the SIM card is activated, the client can reach out to the provider for any follow-up inquiries or assistance related to their mobile service. The provider remains available for ongoing support as needed.

Get In Touch

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