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Welcome to Strasbourg



Strasbourg is the capital of the Grand Est region of France, which was formerly known as Alsace. It is located in north-eastern France. The diverse metropolis of the city is influenced by the Franco-German Dual. It is the 8th most populated city in France, known for its fantastic art, culture, and lifestyle. 


Strasbourg has a rich cultural heritage with numerous historical sites, monuments, public parks, museums, and so much more. The city paces up with the modern world with its innovative and progressive mindset. The art, culture, and gastronomy of Strasbourg are unmatched. 

“Strasbourg is the proud symbol of several pillars at once: European democratic values, the importance of historical heritage, diversity, and openness to the world.”

Sports activities 

The local government makes sure that the inhabitants of the city are fully indulged in physical activities throughout the year. Numerous sports events are being carried out for all ages. Municipal School of Sports was established in 2011 with the aim of engaging the youngsters so they can learn different sports and be physically fit. 

Office des Sports de Strasbourg runs about 200 clubs offering services in more than 126 disciplines. Overall the people of Strasbourg have abundant opportunities to keep themselves active and healthy.

Entertainment and Leisure

Strasbourg has many adventure parks and aquatic areas along with many indoor games platforms and 19 museums. People can also enjoy plentiful leisure activities such as ax throwing, bike races, rally races, exhibitions and escape games. For those who want to get amazed by nature, there are other activities like tree climbing, archery and zip lining. Parc des Expositions also offers more than 1500 events each year to keep everyone entertained and healthy at the same time. 

The best of Strasbourg

Strasbourg is also easily accessible, and it is just a one hour45 minutes drive from Paris. The city can also be accessed by air. When it comes to inter-city traveling, Strasbourg has a great tram network which is the longest in the city, and more than 3 lac passengers use it every day. Moreover, the city also has cycle paths spreading over 600km, making it the 4th largest cycling city in Europe. European School of Strasbourg (EES) gives educational opportunities to both locals and foreigners, which is why you will find openness to different languages in the city. the local government provides prime importance to education at all levels.

Take Aways

Strasbourg is a symbol of history and culture not only in France but in Europe. It is known for its incredible diversity and cultural richness. The culture of the city reflects the influence created by German philosophy. The art and architecture of Strasbourg show the true essence of medieval times.

What you must remember

Strasbourg presents a heritage of extraordinary richness and diversity while cultivating dynamism and openness on a daily basis.

  • The dual Franco-German culture

  • A symbol of history and of Europe

  • The true art of living

  • A permanent dynamism

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