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69.8 %

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Welcome to Tours



The beautiful city of Tours is located between the Loire and Cher rivers. It is a small university town that has many historical places, architectural masterpieces, and many scenic views. The historic center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The car-free streets, timber houses, museums, and beautiful countryside side are just perfect. 

Culture of Tours

The historical heritage, incredible art, and strong medieval past give the city the much-deserved nickname“Little Paris”. Moreover, numerous castles and architectural wonders such as Tours Cathedral, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tours, and Musée du Compagnonnage are spread across the metropolis. The city welcomes several renowned artists from around the world. The city has some of the most remarkable cultural destinations that are a must-visit. 

“The balance that reigns in Nice is sought after, worked on. It really and profoundly corresponds to the qualities and aspirations of those who have chosen to come here, or to stay there.”

Sports activities in Tours

Tours is a vibrant city with so many options for physical activities, including hockey, volleyball, basketball, and handball. The city has something for all ages. With over 40 gymnasiums, golf courses, skating rinks, and swimming pools, there are many ways to be physically active. Public parks also allow walking and jogging. People can also enjoy 30 disciplines for free. 

Entertainment and Leisure

The beautiful weather on tours is always good for a walk. Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Natural Park is a nice getaway for people who like nature. The place can also be explored in a hot air balloon for the best panoramic view of the city. some other scenic places include troglodyte valley of Goupillières, caves of Savonnières-Villandry, Jardin des Prébendesd’Oé and Tours Botanical Garden.

Halles de Tours is an indoor market for buying essential fresh produce. Lastly, visit the Le Vieux Tours to enjoy the pedestrian streets of Place Plumereau. The city has many other implausible entertainment places for the young and old. 

The + of Tours

Tours have the best educational center with many opportunities for higher education. There are more than 26000 students at the University of Tours with 1200 highly qualified instructors and training units. Many vocational centers teach skills that can be used to make a living.

Take Aways

Tours is a beautiful city equipped with all facilities and necessities that a regional capital should have. It attracts a huge number of people from around the world because of its culture, history, educational opportunity, scenic beauty, and quality of life. Tours is a perfectly peaceful town which offers all sorts of amenities to locals and tourists alike.  

What you must remember

If we had to define Tours in a few words, it would be “the charm of the capital of a region that could not be more charismatic”, which attracts many curious people every year.

  • Life quality

  • A city of history and culture

  • The richness of the natural heritage

  • An educational center

  • A charismatic city

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