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Welcome to Avignon


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Avignon is another important city of France, located in the South Eastern region of Provence; and was settled around the Rhone River and remained the chair of the Catholic popes. The city is full of life and history with incredible theatre, museums, cinema, and art culture. It is a perfect place to explore the history of France while living in the era of modernism. Avignon has everything required for a perfect metropolitan city of the current times.


Once you enter the city, you will not want to leave. Even though the city is small but its medieval street, houses, Renaissance mansions, and cobblestone streets make it really special. The City Centre is renowned for the pope's palace, which is an episcopal building also listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. There are other historical buildings like the Notre DamedesDoms Cathedral, Hotel Des Monnaies and Rocher des Doms that are a must-visit. The quaint city has so much to offer when it comes to delicious food and local cuisine.

“The balance that reigns in Nice is sought after, worked on. It really and profoundly corresponds to the qualities and aspirations of those who have chosen to come here, or to stay there.”

Sports activities 

Avignon has the most popular Parc des sports multi-purpose stadium, which is used for football tournaments. You will also find many opportunities to play rugby and enjoy international matches as well. Other popular sports in Avignon are climbing, skating, cycling, and bike races. Many sports associations offer memberships for you to remain physically fit.

Entertainment and Leisure

Even though the city is small, there are still many gardens and parks. The most popular of them for family outings and outdoor activities are SalagonPark, the Abbey of Valsaintes, and the old rose circuit in Grignan. Numerous art and music festivals are also arranged in the city. The most popular and ancient festival still being celebrated is the Festival Avignon.

The Best of Avignon

Highway 7 and Highway 9 connect Avignon to other cities like Nice and Montpellier, respectively. TGV trains connect all parts of the city, making them easily accessible from far away locations as well. You can also opt for taxis to take you around if you prefer personalized space.

Wrap Up

Avignon is another great city in France to have a permanent residence. It's serene with all essential amenities and a progressive attitude towards life. It is an ideal location to start a small family-owned business that will surely excel quickly.

What you must remember

Nice is synonymous with better living and real comfort combined with constant dynamism.

  • A rich historical heritage

  • A wide range of activities and leisure for young and old

  • A real quality of daily life

  • Good accessibility

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