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Welcome to Versailles



Versailles is another incredible city of France that is located 14 miles South West of Paris. The city is developed around the most popular palace of Versailles Palace, which was built by Louis XIV. The town of bacillus is considered to be a residential suburb of Paris. Versailles also offers a great quality of life for people who intend to make it their new home.


Everything about the city of Versailles revolves around the palace of Versailles. It is one of the most visited Historical sites in Europe and is also considered a national heritage of France. It is the city of Kings as France lived in the palace for thousands of years. The used garden of the palace extends beyond the. Apart from the Royal Residence, you can always enjoy the bustling markets in street stalls of the city, which date back to the 17th century offering fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat.

“The balance that reigns in Nice is sought after, worked on. It really and profoundly corresponds to the qualities and aspirations of those who have chosen to come here, or to stay there.”


Versailles is an ideal location for outdoor athletic competition. Cyclist joggers and Walkers can enjoy the green spaces of the palace of Versailles Palace and the banks of the Grand Canal. Several major Sporting events are also organized every year, which include running, cracking, and tandem cycling. It also offers sports opportunities for visually impaired participants.

Entertainment and Leisure

Versailles also hosts numerous enjoyable festivals around the year. The most popular of them all is the fabulous found in a show which is arranged from March to October. You can also enjoy a light fountain show at the Gardens of the palace of Versailles Palace, where the water dances with lights and music.

The Best of Versailles

Just like any other city of France, Versailles also has a great transportation option. There are two train stations in Versailles; Chantiers and rive Droite. The most popular bus network is the Phebus which to you to the popular neighboring cities as well as to the important landmarks in Versailles. Paris and Versailles are connected with the best infrastructure and transport facilities.

Wrap Up

Versailles is another great town to be your next home, especially if you are not a big fan of bigger metropolitan cities. It is very close to Paris and yet not that busy. However, you will always find tourists finding their way to the grand palace of Versailles.

What you must remember

Nice is synonymous with better living and real comfort combined with constant dynamism.

  • A rich historical heritage

  • A wide range of activities and leisure for young and old

  • A real quality of daily life

  • Good accessibility

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