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 Pet Insurance

 The Pet Insurance Service is designed to assist expatriates in France in securing comprehensive insurance coverage for their beloved pets. This service simplifies the process of obtaining pet insurance, providing expert advice on policy options, facilitating the application process, and ensuring that the client's furry companions are well-covered for veterinary expenses and other potential risks.

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Time & Pricing

1 / Time

The process typically takes a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of the insurance application.

2 / Pricing

Costs include insurance premiums, application fees, and potential partner consultation fees. Package pricing varies based on partner fees and any additional services included.

Who is it for ?

Expatriates and foreign residents in France who own pets and want to ensure they have comprehensive insurance coverage for veterinary expenses, accidents, and other potential risks.

Follow up Process

After securing the pet insurance coverage, the client can reach out to the provider for any follow-up inquiries, claims assistance, or adjustments to the policy. The provider remains available for ongoing support throughout the insurance coverage period.

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