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Education in France: A Closer Look at the System

Updated: Mar 8

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. The School System in France

  3. Essential Parts of French Education

A Full Guide to French Schooling

People know that French schools have high standards and are dedicated to helping students learn. We will talk about the French school system in this piece, including how it works, what's important, and what students go through.

The School System in France

French education is organized into stages, each with its primary purpose.

1. Early childhood education (EMA)

French kids ages 3 to 6 start school at École Maternelle, which means "middle school." This stage helps them learn essential skills like how to talk to people and get along with others. For parents interested in early childhood education in France, find valuable information and services.

Secondly, elementary school

Children from 6 to 11 join primary school. In addition to other things, they study math, history, and French. It is the basis of what you will learn later. For those seeking information on elementary education in France, explore valuable resources.

Third Grade (College)

Going to college from 11 to 15 years old is a big step. They learn a lot of different subjects and start to speak other languages. Get insights and assistance for parents looking to understand the college phase of education in France.

Fourteenth grade (lycée)

Students in high school, or lycée, are typically between the ages of 15 and 18 and study for the French Baccalauréat (Bac) test. Science, literature, and business are among the subjects they choose. Find support and guidance for students aiming to excel in high school in France.

More schooling

Students who pass the Bac can continue their education at universities, grandes écoles, or specialized schools. For those considering higher education options in France, explore valuable information.

Essential parts of French education

Secularism: In France, religion is kept out of school affairs. For those interested in the secular nature of French education, gain insights.

Any student in the country can follow the same lessons because there is a national program. For information on the national curriculum in France, find resources.



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