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Important French holidays and dates 2022-2023

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Have You Moved to France Recently?

Moving to a new country like France, whether from the UK, the USA, or anywhere else, is a big step. It's essential to know about the local holidays and critical dates. This is especially helpful if you're just adjusting to life in France.

Why Know the Holidays?

Knowing the holidays in France is critical because many shops and businesses close these days. But don't worry, some places like supermarkets might still be open for a bit. This guide includes a calendar of French national holidays and other important dates. It's perfect for expats using services to help them move to France.

French Holidays: A Quick Look

France celebrates eleven national holidays every year. The most famous one is May Day. When you work in France, you and your boss will discuss which holidays you get off and if you get extra pay for working on a holiday. In France, people sometimes take an extra day off to make a long weekend when a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday. This is called "faire le pont."

Alsace and Lorraine, two areas in France, have more holidays than the rest of the country. This started after World War I when these areas became part of France again.

Travel Tips During Holidays

When you plan to travel around France during these holidays, remember that buses and trains might not run as usual. If you're driving, make sure you know about the driving license rules in France. Also, consider the cost of gas and electricity, as these can affect your travel costs.

Big Celebrations in France

The two biggest holidays in France are Bastille Day on July 14 and All Saints Day on November 1. Bastille Day is full of fireworks and fun. All Saints Day is quieter, with people visiting graves and remembering family members who have passed away.

Handy Tips for Expats During Holidays

If you're living in France, knowing which services are available on holidays is good. For example, if you need a SIM card or want to open a new bank account, check if the stores are open. Also, look for special offers on bank accounts during holiday seasons.

Insurance is also essential. Ensure you understand how health insurance and car insurance work in France, especially during holidays when some services are unavailable.

Finding a Place to Stay

Looking for an apartment in France, like in Paris, can be hard around big holidays. If you're a student with a visa or looking to work in France, try to find a place to live before these busy times.

Wrapping Up

Getting to know and enjoy local holidays is a big part of feeling home in a new country. For people who are thinking about moving to France or who already live there, knowing these dates helps you plan your year and enjoy French culture. Keep this guide handy as you settle into your life in France!



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