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Holidays in France for the Years 2024 and 2025

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding French Public Holidays

  2. 2024 Specific Holidays

  3. 2025 Specific Holidays

  4. Celebrating in France

  5. Conclusion

Aligning your visit with the national holidays in France can significantly enhance your exploration of the rich tapestry of French culture. These days not only mark historical events and cultural celebrations but also offer a unique glimpse into French life. Here's a detailed guide to the holidays in France for the years 2024 and 2025, providing insight into what each holiday signifies and how it is celebrated.

Understanding French Public Holidays

France observes a mix of secular and religious holidays, each with its significance and traditions. Public holidays in France are days when most businesses, government offices, banks, and shops are closed, though in tourist areas, you might find some exceptions. Here's what you can expect during the years 2024 and 2025.

New Year's Day - January 1

Jour de l'An is celebrated with great enthusiasm in France. Families and friends gather on New Year's Eve, known as Réveillon de Saint-Sylvestre, and celebrate with feasting, champagne, and fireworks at midnight. The first day of the new year is a public holiday, allowing for a relaxed start to the year.

Easter Monday - April 1, 2024 / April 21, 2025

Easter celebrations in France extend to the Monday following Easter Sunday. This day is a reflection of the country's strong Catholic heritage, with festivities including egg hunts and grand masses in churches across the country.

Labor Day - May 1

Labor Day, or Fête du Travail, is a very significant public holiday in France. It is not only a day off work but also a day for workers' parades and demonstrations, celebrating workers' rights and solidarity.

Victory in Europe Day - May 8

This day marks the end of WWII in Europe and is a solemn day of remembrance for the fallen. Ceremonies and parades are held, especially in Paris, where the main events take place around the Arc de Triomphe.

Ascension Day - May 9, 2024 / May 29, 2025

Ascension Day is another religious holiday widely observed in France. It occurs 40 days after Easter and is often a Thursday, which means it involves family reunions and, for many, a long weekend away.

Bastille Day - July 14

One of the most festive holidays in France, Bastille Day or La Fête Nationale, commemorates the French Revolution and the storming of the Bastille. Expect spectacular fireworks, military parades, and parties across the country.

Assumption of Mary - August 15

This day honors the belief in the Virgin Mary's assumption into heaven. It is marked by various religious processions in towns and villages, especially in the more devoutly Catholic regions.

All Saints' Day - November 1

La Toussaint is a day when French people pay respects to deceased relatives. Cemeteries are adorned with flowers, especially chrysanthemums, and masses are held in churches throughout the country.

Armistice Day - November 11

Commemorating the end of WWI, Armistice Day is observed with a moment of silence at 11 am, followed by various memorial services and ceremonies throughout France.

Christmas Day - December 25

Christmas, or Noël, is deeply cherished in France. The festive spirit is everywhere, from the beautifully decorated streets and shops to the traditional Christmas markets that pop up in many towns.

Boxing Day - December 26 (Alsace and Lorraine regions only)

This holiday is recognized only in the Alsace and Lorraine regions due to their historical ties with Germany. It is a quiet day, usually spent with family, continuing the Christmas celebrations.

2024 Specific Holidays

In 2024, there are holidays unique to the leap year cycle and other occasional calendrical shifts. For instance, certain holidays that typically provide a long weekend may not do so, depending on the day they fall.

2025 Specific Holidays

The year 2025 will follow much the same pattern as 2024, with similar holidays observed on slightly different days due to the normal progression of the calendar.

Celebrating in France

During these public holidays, France's festive and solemn natures are showcased beautifully. Traveling during these times offers a fantastic opportunity to see the country's national pride and cultural richness. Whether you're witnessing the grandeur of Bastille Day fireworks or the solemnity of Armistice Day, each holiday provides a window into France's soul.

Planning a trip around these holidays can enhance your experience, but remember that public transport and other services might be limited on these days. Additionally, booking accommodations in advance is wise as these holidays also attract many local tourists.

If you're planning to move to France or visit during these holidays, Come Live in France's relocation services can provide detailed assistance, helping you navigate the nuances of French holidays and ensuring a smooth transition. Interested in learning more about relocating to France? You can request a personalized quote for more detailed information or book a free discovery call to discuss your plans with a relocation expert.


The holidays in France offer a wonderful blend of joyous celebration and reflective remembrance. They are integral to understanding the French way of life and offer visitors a deeper insight into France's cultural and historical heritage. Whether you plan to visit France in 2024 or 2025, aligning your trip with these national holidays will undoubtedly enrich your experience.



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