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Moving to Aix-en-Provence

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

A guide to life in the beautiful city of Aix-en-Provence in the south of France, where the sun shines most of the year.

Ultra-chic Aix-en- Provence is known as "the city of a thousand fountains," in addition to being known as "the city of water and art." and no wonder, it's wonderful. But one must pay a certain amount to call this place home.

Elegant Aix-en-Provence, sometimes known simply as "Aix" by its inhabitants (the name is pronounced similarly to the letter 'X'), is located around 25 kilometers (km) from Marseille. There are tree-lined boulevards, parks, squares, bubbling fountains, spectacular Baroque architecture, posh stores, restaurants and cafés, art galleries, and museums. It has it all. All of this is set inside the breathtaking scenery that Cezanne is so well known for painting. A large number of educational institutions and foreign schools can be found in this city, making it an excellent location for a university. Around 30,000 people out of a total population of around 140,000 are enrolled in educational institutions.

In 2007, Cal moved to this area to pursue his education and has been here since. "I like the atmosphere of the city, as well as the culture, particularly during the summer music festivals, the markets, and the patisseries. The cakes, mousses, pastries, and chocolates of every shape and size are so delicious that you won't be able to stop thinking about them.

To purchase the city center of Aix, however, you will need a significant amount of capital since costs might be prohibitively expensive. An apartment in one of the 18th-century mansions located near the main boulevard Cours Mirabeau can cost approximately €2 million, as stated by one real estate agent; in fact, even a minuscule apartment on the top floor can cost €400,000. These prices reflect the fact that the market is extremely competitive. A country property that is conveniently located close to the city may also have extravagant rates, but if you travel a little farther out into the Lubéron, you will find that prices are more affordable.

It is a very costly location to call home. Cal comments that it seems like the expense of everything, including food and clothes, has increased significantly. "This is particularly the case if you continue to shop for the same goods you would at home." Buying food from the local markets and eating the same foods as the people who live in the area is the most cost-effective method to satisfy your hunger. Regardless, it's all a valuable part of the experience of living in a different country.

Nearly every day of the year in Aix is bright and sunny, and the city receives relatively little precipitation overall. Due to the hills that are located to the north of the city, it is insulated from the most severe effects of the bitterly cold Mistral winds that blow over the majority of the province throughout the winter. Cal claims that during the winter months, a significant portion of Provence "appears to fall into hibernation." With its crystal clear blue sky and breathtaking scenery, it is also an excellent place for winter sports. Although there are seldom any visitors, Aix maintains a busy atmosphere throughout the year.

It may become rather warm throughout the summertime. The heat was too much for Jane and Tim, who are both from the United Kingdom: "During July and August, we rent out the property." During the summer months, there is a very high demand from visitors for a property that may be rented out. We are fortunate in that people are prepared to pay a high price for it."

Transport connectivity is good. You may get here by flying into one of the local airports in Marseille or Avignon. In addition, the TGV can go down from Paris in less than three hours, whereas traveling from London to Lille takes around six and a half hours.



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