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Parenting in France: Old and New Ways

Updated: Mar 8

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Modern French Parenting

3. French Modern Parenting Trends

4. Keeping the Old and New in Balance

5. Conclusion

French Parenting: A Fusion of Conventional and Contemporary Methods

French parenting is a unique combination of modern and traditional approaches. French parents are known for producing independent, well-behaved kids who can also adjust to the hardships of contemporary life. This essay will examine French parenting practices, both old and current, and how they affect kids' development in this vibrantly cultural nation.

Modern French Parenting

The foundation of French parenting is a collection of timeless principles and customs handed down through the years. These customs greatly influence the parenting of children in France.

1. Honoring authority and rules

Respect for influential persons and standards is one of the main principles of French parenting. Children are taught to follow the guidelines at home, school, and society early on. Children learn discipline and a sense of responsibility from this respect for authority.

2. Developing Patience

Children are instilled with patience early on, which is much valued in French culture. It's considered an essential skill to wait one's turn in a line or during a conversation. This patience develops self-control and the ability to handle various situations calmly.

3. A Focus on Etiquette

In France, children are expected to behave politely at the table, and meals are considered honored traditions. They enjoy various cuisines, take pleasure in family dinners, and have deep conversations at the dinner table. This custom fosters family unity and a positive relationship with eating.

French Modern Parenting Trends

Modern trends have also permeated the lives of parents and children in France, even as traditional values remain fundamental to French parenting.

1. Equality between work and life

Modern French parents acknowledge the importance of striking a work-life balance. Even in our rapid surroundings, they place a high priority on spending quality time with their kids. Weekends and holidays spent with the family are treasured for making lasting memories.

2. Positive encouragement

In contrast to previous generations, modern French parents frequently employ praise and encouraging words to inspire their kids. They think praising young people for their efforts and accomplishments will help them feel more confident.

3. Varying Family Organizations

Diverse family arrangements, such as same-sex couples raising children and single-parent households, are now more accepted in French society. This openness is a reflection of how parenting is evolving in France.

Keeping the Old and New in Balance

The secret to raising a happy family in France is striking a careful balance between conventional wisdom and modern society. French parents know how important it is to draw from their rich cultural past while adjusting to meet their children's changing demands.


French parenting is a perfect fusion of modernity and tradition. The virtues of patience, respect, and good manners are deeply rooted in French children as they grow up, thanks to their parents. In addition, French parents today highly value growing their kids' uniqueness and self-worth. As a result, the next generation of kids is diverse, flexible, and prepared to embrace the future while appreciating their cultural heritage. For more information on parenting in France and living in this culturally rich nation, explore Come Live in France.



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