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Socializing in France

Updated: Mar 8

Table of Contents

  1. Try Hard to Connect

  2. Fun at Parties

  3. Understand It's Not About You

  4. Making Friends Is Hard

  5. Learn French and More

  6. Live with Others

  7. Meet Other Expats

  8. Just Try

  9. Sharing Stories

Making New Relationships in France

Making new relationships in France can be challenging, but moving there looks fun. Here's a quick tip to help you socialize and establish friends in the area you've moved to.

Try Hard to Connect

Think about a time you met someone who didn't speak English well. You tried hard to talk because you're kind. But after some time, it gets tiring. In France, it's the same. If you're new, you should try harder. But remember, if someone seems to stay away, it's not about you. They might just be shy about their English.

Fun at Parties

Even if you feel different at a party, like everyone's dressed up in cool costumes and you're not, don't worry. The people there are usually nice. They might try to chat with you, even if it's a bit hard for both of you.

Understand It's Not About You

At a party, everyone was in 90s clothes. We felt strange, but then we realized it wasn't about us. Some folks were just nervous about speaking English. Once we tried speaking French, things got easier. We even had fun talking about French words.

Making Friends Is Hard

Finding new friends is tough, especially if you're older, work from home, or speak a different language. But it's worth trying. For example, we stayed in a place through Airbnb and made a deal with our hosts: we speak English, and they speak French. It was a great way to practice and make friends.

Learn French and More

Taking French classes is a good idea. You'll meet people and practice speaking French, even if it could be better. Also, think about joining other classes or clubs you like. We tried salsa dancing and met more people that way.

Live with Others

Instead of living alone, we chose to live with other people. Yes, it has its challenges, like sharing chores. But we chat with our French housemates and even play games together. Plus, our house is super cool!

Meet Other Expats

There are other people from different countries, like a group from California we met. They usually speak English, but having friends who understand what it's like to be new in France is still nice.

Just Try

Don't worry if you don't feel like you belong. Everyone has such moments. All you have to do is try, and you'll make friends. And always remember that mistakes are to be expected. We learn and form connections in this way.

I'd love to hear stories from other people who moved to a new country and how they made friends. Sharing stories helps everyone feel better and learn more!



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