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Internet Box Cable

The Internet Box/Cable Service is designed to assist expatriates in France with the setup of their internet and cable services. This comprehensive service includes guidance on selecting a suitable internet service provider, coordinating the installation of an internet box, and setting up cable services for television and entertainment needs.

Internet box cable setup

Time & Pricing

1 / Time

The process typically takes a week or more, depending on the availability of installation appointments.

2 / Pricing

The cost includes the setup fees, equipment costs, and the selected internet and cable service subscription.

Who is it for ?

Expatriates and foreign residents in France who need assistance in selecting and setting up internet and cable services for their homes.

Follow up Process

After the internet and cable services are set up, the client can reach out to the provider for any follow-up inquiries or assistance related to their internet and entertainment services. The provider remains available for ongoing support as needed.

Get In Touch

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