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Welcome to Nantes



​Nantes is another beautiful city in the Loire region. It is located in the Upper Brittany region of western France. It has some of the most exciting landmarks, including castles and cathedrals that drive you back in time. You will also see some of the best vineyards of the region in Nantes.


Nantes is a beautiful city with rich history, culture, art and architecture. You will find many castles, cathedrals and numerous museums displaying the best of those who lived there in the past. There are Memorials commemorating the abolition of slavery and the birth of Jules Verne. Numerous festivals are arranged to keep the masses entertained while keeping them in touch with history and culture. 

 Everything about the city fits in perfectly to make it dynamic and serene, just like the rest of the Loire valley. 

“Nantes combines history, culture and poetry, so that individuals of all generations and all walks of life find their account there, in a harmonious, dynamic and serene living environment.”

Sports activities 

Nantes has more than 60000 port members who are involved in different types of sports activities. The local government has a proactive sports policy so that people of all ages can indulge in some sort of physical activity. The city also has 6 high-level sports facilities which are totally dedicated to high-level sports. There are also 380 sports associations which help locals shine in different disciplines. The metropolis is just perfect for all types of sports training.

Entertainment and Leisure

The city also focuses on numerous entertainment and leisure activities for all ages. People can enjoy amusement parks, urban slides, escape games, and so much more. Nantes also has many green spaces sliced by the locals for picnics. Like any other city in France, Nantes also has many Discovery walks and museums displaying art in history. 

The best of Orleans

​Nantes holds the most strategic position in the country. It is only two hours from Paris and 60 km from the beaches and Atlantic coast. It has an ever-evolving transport system 41 bus lines, and 3 Tram lines King it is easily accessible for inter and intracity travelling. Nantes also elected as the Green capital in 2013 by the European Commission because of its incredible Gardens and 102 public parks. .

Take Aways

​Nantes is the sixth largest city of France, with the best combination of diversity, dynamism and a relaxed lifestyle, rich heritage with the best geographical location and environmental sensitivity. The art and architecture of the city are splendid and unmissable.

What you must remember

The sixth largest city in France combines dynamism, diversity, expansion and a relaxed way of life.

  • A rich historical heritage

  • A true artistic and cultural center

  • A strategic geographical location

  • environmental sensitivity

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