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Applying for the French passport

Updated: Jan 26

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Benefits of a French Passport

3. How to Obtain a Passport in France

4. Updating Your Passport in France

5. Passport Costs

6. Passport Application Procedures

7. Conclusion

A French passport: what is it?

You can obtain a French passport after obtaining French citizenship. Anywhere in the globe can you go with this passport? It's unique because it contains advanced features like your fingerprint and photo.

The Benefits of a French Passport

A French passport holder is:

France is yours to come and go as you choose.

You are European and French; thus, you can travel anywhere.

If your other country permits it, you can hold two passports.

One hundred fifty-six nations do not require entry visas, making France a popular passport holder. Come Live in France offers valuable information and services for those interested in obtaining a French passport or exploring the benefits of dual citizenship.

How to Obtain a Passport in France

It is necessary to be a French citizen to apply for one. This often involves spending five years living and learning about French culture in France. However, in some instances—for example, when you marry a French person—it just takes three years.

Applying for a French passport is possible at:

  • French town halls (if you reside there).

  • If you're in Paris, the Prefecture of Police.

  • French consulates or embassies (if you're overseas).

  • If you've already paid the charge online.

A typical photo, biometric data, and an ID card or other confirmation of French nationality are among the documents you'll require. In addition, there is a charge. For those in the process of obtaining a French passport, consider exploring the consultation services offered by Come Live in France.

Updating Your Passport in France

The validity of a French passport is ten years (five for children under eighteen). It's a similar process when it's time for a new one. Report it lost or stolen, and follow the instructions to obtain a new passport.

What Is The Price?

A basic passport costs €86 (or €96 if you're overseas).

The expense of replacing or renewing is the same.

Passports for emergencies cost €30 (or €45 overseas).

Child passports are age-based.

Tax stamps are used for payment and can be obtained online or at select retail locations. For information on passport fees and procedures, visit the Come Live in France FAQ section.

Pre-Application Online: To save time, begin your passport application online.

Tracking of Passport Applications: Check the performance of your application online.

Take quick action if you need to find your passport while traveling. Inform the local police station, town council, French consulate, or embassy. They will assist you in getting a replacement, even that same day. Contact us at Come Live in France for assistance and guidance on passport-related matters.

Therefore, the freedom to travel, ease of access to other locations, and the possibility of dual citizenship come with holding a French passport. To obtain one, be mindful of the steps involved, the prerequisites, and where to turn for assistance when needed. Good luck on your journey!



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