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Shopping in Paris

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

An American ex-pat shows you through some of the most fashionable stores in Paris.

You have probably heard a lot about how fantastic shopping in Paris can be, but you are probably wondering where you should go. Find below a list of the greatest neighborhoods to go out to and have a good time while spending a lot of money.

Shopping in Paris: Saint Germain des Pres (75006)

Saint-Germain-des-Pres is by far my favorite neighborhood in all of Paris, as you may have gathered from the blogs I have written here. There is a great deal of entertainment available there throughout the day, and you may not even know where to begin. Now, here's a thought: go window shopping in Paris! You can discover any kind of store that caters to your particular sense of style. This neighborhood has a reputation for not just being "chic," but also "boheme." Because of the wide variety of cultures that can be found here and the vibrancy of the region, there are a lot of authors, performers, publicists, and intellectuals who call this place home. Take advantage of it and explore the little alleyways to find the prettiest stores in the area.

It is possible to find everything from well-known worldwide names to boutiques showcasing the work of unknown or burgeoning designers. There are some excellent bargains to be had. In my opinion, this is the arrondissement in which you may most effectively grasp the essence of Paris.


● Le Bon Marche – Allison – Princesse Tam Tam – Morgan Belo

● Biba – Jonak – Minelli- Iro

● Bathroom Graffiti – Zadig & Voltaire – Berenice

● Sandro – Le Dressing

● Maje – The Kooples – Ba&Sh


● Metro Ligne 4, stop @ St Germain des Pres

● Metro Ligne 12, stop @ Sevres-Babylon

Shopping in Paris: Champs Elysees (75008)

● Take images of yourself walking along the street,

● Pay a visit to the enormous foreign boutiques.

● And enjoy the crowd

This area of Paris is quite popular with tourists, and the prices are very high considering what you get. According to me, there is nothing particularly unique to see in Paris, and the costs are just too excessive for the level of quality offered. But it is still fun to hang out there and brag to other people that you have "been there, done that!"


● Zara – Mango – H&M – Gap – Louis Vuitton

● Sephora – Marks & Spencer – Fnac

● Abercrombie & Fitch – Banana Republic – Virgin Megastore


● George V Station, Ligne 1 (near the Place de l’Etoile, at the beginning of the avenue)

● Franklin Roosevelt Station, Ligne 1 (next to the Disney Store, middle of the avenue)

● Champs Elysees Clemenceau Station, Ligne 1 (end of the avenue, next to the Grand Palais)


● It is best not to spend the night alone on the avenue since there are a lot of strange people who could annoy you.

● There are a lot of people trying to steal things, so keep your possessions near to you, zip up your bag, and put your items inside.

● Maintain proximity to one another if you are part of a group of women who are hanging out together in the evening.

Have you had enough of the crowded neighborhoods of Paris and are you ready to get some discounts in one of the city's creative districts? Bonjour and bienvenue dans le paradis des boulangeries d'antiquité et des boutiques de seconde main! Because of the large number of people that shop there, including dancers, rock enthusiasts, hip-hop fans, fashionistas, and trendsetters, you will discover a large number of shops devoted to dance and related topics. However, since this neighborhood is a component of "le sentier," also known as the textile sector, there are other businesses here that specialise in bulk sales. A word of advice: when you go in, ask the proprietor whether they may sell their wares directly to customers like you; if they answer yes, you are fortunate since the prices are far lower than what you would pay for the identical items in a conventional store.


● Diesel – Tequila Solo

● Replay

● Killiwatch


● Metro Ligne 4, stop @ Etienne Marcel


● Since there are so many new Chinese stores to choose from in the neighborhood, do not be afraid to haggle over the costs!

● It is not a place you should visit alone at night, in my opinion.

Shopping in Paris: Le Marais – Rivoli (75004)

Le Marais was traditionally regarded as the Jewish quarter, but in recent years it has developed a reputation as a gay-friendly and fashion-forward neighborhood. New businesses are opening their doors regularly, and each time I go there, I find that a new establishment has been opened. I like the way the architecture of the neighborhood, which is reminiscent of that of old Paris! There are a lot of specialized boutiques, smaller retailers, and well-known brand names that have set up shop there. When it comes to purchasing, the most common types of styles are as follows: streetwear; casual; trendy; fashion; destruct; original; funky; peace & love; and so on. There are also several antique and second-hand businesses that you may visit. The fact that most of the establishments are open on Sundays is one of the many positive aspects of the neighborhood. Therefore, not only are you able to have brunch with your friends at about noon, but you also have the option of spending the afternoon doing some shopping! The name of the road that you can not possibly miss is rue des Rosiers.


● Eleven

● Zadig & Voltaire

● American Apparel

● K Jacques


● Metro Ligne 1, stop @ St Paul


● Visit the Jewish food businesses that specialize in traditional cuisine to sample some very mouthwatering specialties (my favorite: Finkelstein – the blue one).

Shopping in Paris: Palais Royal - Musee du Louvre (75001)

You went to Paris, but you did not discover any gift stores, did you? You may go to the Champs-Elysees as everyone else does for this, which is fine... But why not switch things up and go hang out in the neighborhood around the museums? This area is considerably more enjoyable because of the abundance of souvenir shops and authentic outlet stores that can be found here.


● Colette


● Metro Ligne 1, stop @”Palais Royal – Musee du Louvre

● @Concorde

● @Louvre-Rivoli



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