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The best bars in Paris

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Paris, being such a large and international city, is home to a plethora of charming drinking establishments. The following is an overview of some of the most notable bars in Paris.

The number of people who speak English as a second language in Paris is among the highest in the world. Many of them are tourists who have grown weary of their home country, professionals who have been transferred there by their employers, or creatives who have been making the journey to Paris in the hopes of finding new ideas ever since the literary and artistic emigration of the Lost Generation in the early 1900s. There is so much history here that one might spend a lifetime learning about it, and the culture is so vibrant that it is no surprise people choose to remain.

On the other hand, living on the opposite side of the water might be rather isolated. Because of the large number of tourists and ex-pats who visit Paris each year, the city now has hundreds of pubs where people who are wandering about aimlessly may find one other. Here is what we recommend:

The Highlander

The Highlander is a traditional Scottish bar that can be found in Saint Germain, hidden away behind an inconspicuous facade and down a side alley. It is famous for its frothy dark beers, collection of great whiskeys, and inviting environment. Rugby and soccer are always being shown on the flat screens, and the establishment sees a significant influx of locals in addition to tourists during major matches. However, the main draw of The Highlander is its basement, which, upon entering, will make you feel as if you are William Wallace getting ready for the fight. The walls are covered with antique swords and shields, and it is not unusual to see a kilt while one is around. The basement is open until 5 in the morning, and it has a dance floor; it is usually buzzing with activity late into the night thanks to the presence of tourists and ex-pats.

The Lions

The Lions is a casual bar that is well-known for being the gathering spot for English sports enthusiasts. It can be found in Les Halles. Amidst the many trophies that line the walls, several teams' and nations' flags are displayed. However, locals are easily distracted by the bar's several large screens. When there is not a game going on, the lively Rue Montmartre is just in front, which offers excellent spectator opportunities. The clientele here tends to be a little bit more mature, with regulars taking up residence on the bar stools; however, this only lasts until the weekend arrives and the Jager-bomb specials are made available. If you are still not feeling comfortable, you may play billiards or darts in the basement if you want to kill some time.

O’Sullivans by the Mill

Visitors quickly learn that drinking is a social activity and not anything to be embarrassed by in Paris. There is, however, no better venue than O'Sullivans by the Mill for those evenings when you just need to be drunk. The Mill is a reference to the famous mill that sits atop the Moulin Rouge, which is located just next door. O'Sullivan's is like an Irish pub on steroids, and it draws all of the visiting English partygoers in the area because of its location in the center of Paris' Red Light District, which is known for its risqué nightlife (you can tell by the abundance of seedy strip clubs and sex shops), and because there is an abundance of hostels within an easy walking distance of the establishment. The atmosphere is raucous, the area is enormous, and on the weekends, there is live music played in a massive rear room. People are aware that they can expect to have a fun time getting drunk at the Mill, regardless of whether they are simply passing through or are long-term inhabitants.

The Great Canadian Pub

To tell you the truth, the name pretty much gives everything away. Nostalgic Canadians yearning for a frothy Moosehead, a dish of poutine, and as much hockey as their maple-leaf hearts can bear will find everything they are looking for and more at The Great Canadian Pub. The bar is more than simply a Canadian hangout, despite what the autographed jerseys and other national souvenirs that are displayed on the walls may lead you to assume. The tavern is located in the renowned Saint-Michel neighborhood of the city. Expats and young travelers of all stripes searching for a home away from home may be seen in large numbers among the throng. To the amusement of their American neighbors, the screens will even flip from hockey to sports of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and National Basketball Association.

Frog and Princess Pub

The fashionable and ever-bustling Frog and Princess Pub offer the atmosphere of a traditional English sports pub right down to the last detail. The pub's beers are brewed in towering barrels located behind the bar, and the establishment's many screens attract a diverse range of English-speaking customers who want to cheer on their favorite local teams. Wings, nachos, and burgers are popular choices at this restaurant among ex-pats who want a taste of home cooking. It is worth it to stop by the Frog and Princess, what with their student nights, themed events, and happy hours.



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