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The best outdoor activities in Paris

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

When the clouds part and the sun comes out, Paris grins too! These outdoor activities in Paris will help you make the most of the city's beautiful weather.

Oh, when the sun is shining in Paris, it is so breathtakingly beautiful! There is a great sense of joie de vivre in the air, and the blue sky is beckoning to you. After you have had time to settle down, it is time to go outdoors and mingle with the locals of Paris. There are a lot of things that might help you get to know Paris better, from visiting the city to working on your fitness. Put on some shoes that are comfortable for walking, step outdoors, and start moving about.

Outdoor activities for exploring Paris

Forget about taking the bus, the subway, or cabs. A stroll across Paris may also be accomplished in a variety of other fascinating ways. Spend some time taking in the local culture and truly getting to know the city's landmarks while you're in Paris.

Bikes in Paris

Because of Paris Vélib, getting on a bicycle and exploring any of the city's arrondissements is as simple as counting to three. There is no need to make a reservation; just bring a credit card to any Vélib station and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to choose a bicycle. The first half an hour is completely free. Get on your bike and cruise down the banks of the Seine or through one of the beautiful parks in Paris.

Simply return the bike to any of the Vélib stations after you are through using it. Since wearing a safety helmet while riding a bicycle in Paris is not required, you may consider carrying your own, particularly for younger riders. Have no idea where you should go? Join Fat Tire Bike Tours for a guided bicycle excursion around Paris, Versailles, or Claude Monet's garden in Giverny.

Segway trips in Paris

Zip through the streets of the French capital on a Segway with the assistance of a local tour guide if you want to maximize your speed while minimizing the amount of effort required. Every tour offered by Fat Tire Tours starts with a highly in-depth introduction to the Segway. Due to safety concerns, the trip is not open to participants with younger children, and older youngsters aged 12 to 17 must have an adult with them at all times. It has to be the most interesting and exciting way to explore Paris.

Hot air balloon rides

It's always exciting to explore new parts of a city on foot, but some of the city's vantage points are even more breathtaking. In Paris, one of the most thrilling things you can do in the great outdoors is to get a bird's-eye view of the city from a higher elevation. You could certainly scale the Eiffel Tower, but why not take in the view from a different vantage point?

Yep! In a hot-air balloon, you can get a great view of Paris from up above. You will find a Montgolfier from Le Ballon de Paris awaiting your arrival at the Park André Citroen. A breathtaking bird's-eye view of the capital of France may be had by ascending to a height of 150 meters. Make sure you check the forecast before you go out!

Train or tram trips in Paris

Take a ride on le Petit Train and enjoy the scenic alleys of the quaint neighborhood of Montmartre, which was formerly the home of artists such as Picasso and Modigliani. Alternately, you may board a funicular that will take you up the hill to the base of the Basilica of Sacre Coeur while providing you with a spectacular panorama. After that, you should get a delicious crepe and enjoy it on the steps outside while taking in the view of the city skyline from a greater elevation. Also, don't forget to get a caricature drawn of you by one of the numerous artists that work on the plaza at Place du Tertre, which is bordered by cafés.

Boat rides

Take in the splendor of the City of Lights by hopping aboard one of the several boats that make their way up the Seine from one end of central Paris to the other, and then relax and take it all in. The Bateaux Mouches, Bateaux Parisiens, and Vedettes de Paris are some of the most well-known boat companies in Paris. These companies all include commentary as well as meal choices; but, if you just want the tour, you may take the Vedettes de Pont Neuf.

Choose the Batobus river shuttle if you want a journey without any frills. Every night at the top of the hour, there is a spectacular light display that is put on by the Eiffel Tower, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled in that area. A very breathtaking scene! A boat tour in Paris is one of those things that, no matter how long you've lived there, never ceases to be amazing.

Find green spaces in Paris

Picnicking, going for a leisurely walk or a brisk run, riding a pony or a boat, rowing a boat, or riding a bicycle are all enjoyable activities that may be done in Paris' many natural areas. Acquire familiarity with some of the city's most breathtaking locations.

Row, row, row

You may rent a boat and have a relaxing cruise on one of the four lakes that are located in the huge Bois de Vincennes park. In the eastern part of Paris, you'll discover this historic hunting ground that was formerly used as a royal park. When you dock, there are many things you may do to keep yourself occupied during the day. The historic Chateau de Vincennes, the neighboring Parc Floral botanical park (which offers a huge recreational area for youngsters and outdoor concerts in the summer), horseback riding, and even a zoo are just some of the things that can be found in this neighborhood.

Captain a ship

We offer an alternative for you to enjoy the water even if rowing isn't your thing if you want to keep your options open. Why don't you just steer your ship? You may hire a gorgeous model sailboat at either the Jardin de Luxembourg or the Jardin de Tuileries, which are two of the most beautiful gardens in all of Paris. Race against other players as you attempt to steer it around the ponds.

After you've had your fill of the boats, why don't you take a leisurely walk in the park? With its winding promenades, colorful flowerbeds, and well-manicured lawns, Le Jardin du Luxembourg is an ideal location for an afternoon stroll. The Jardin des Tuileries, on the other hand, is home to several monuments and sculptures in addition to expansive and regal walkways.

Enjoy a picnic

Get yourself a freshly baked baguette from a boulangerie, load up on some cheese and charcuterie, and then make your way to the enchanted Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. Your dish will have a more satisfying flavor when you consume it outside in the fresh air. This hidden treasure of a getaway from the city is surrounded by natural hills and boasts a waterfall, a lake that was created artificially, and a temple. When the sun goes down, make your way to the Rosa Bonheur guinguette, which is an open-air dance hall, for a chill drink and dancing that lasts into the wee hours of the morning.

Get some exercise in the woods

You should go to the Bois de Boulogne, which is the second biggest wooded area in Paris. It is a center of outdoor activities, particularly on weekends, when several roads are blocked to automobiles and border the 16th arrondissement of Paris and the nearby town of Neuilly-sur-Seine. Both of these neighborhoods are next to it. There are several lakes, a waterfall, the Chateau de Bagatelle, and its gardens, sports grounds, two horse racing courses, and swathes of grass where you may spread out your yoga mat. All of these features can be found here.

Why not reward yourself with a delicious breakfast on the weekend after all that strenuous activity? The Chalet des Iles may be found on the grounds of the park, and it is situated on a charming tiny island that can only be reached by ferry or rowboat.

Enjoy fun for all the family

You may also locate the wonderful Jardin d'Acclimatation in the Bois de Boulogne, which is a great place for families to hang out. A lake, a miniature zoo, interactive playgrounds, a puppet theater called "les guignols," rides on a pony, donkey, or camel, big trampolines, and several restaurants are some of the other features that can be found in this classic French amusement park. If it's a hot day, you may cool yourself in the misters and sprinklers that are located around the park. Throughout the year, the Maison des Ateliers hosts several different workshops that are open to both children and adults. It is likely to become one of your family's favorite places to visit in Paris throughout the year due to its proximity to the Arc de Triomphe, which is just a few minutes away.

Get sporty in Paris

Swing at a club at a golf ball.

Why don't you check out one of the amazing golf courses that Paris has to offer? Putt to your heart's content in the multisport park, Haras de Jardy, located just west of Paris. This facility is geared toward families. Whether you want to find out if your kid has what it takes to be the next Tiger Woods, enroll them in some group classes starting at the age of four. You may test out certain kiddy clubs by renting them first. The short-range, nine-hole course is open for play to teenagers who can strike a ball.

In the clubhouse, there is a cozy café where you may have refreshments in between different sporting events. Everyone is welcome to use the public park, which spans an area of 75 hectares and has trees. And if the swing of a golf club isn't your thing, you could always join the tennis or riding club instead.

Fishing in the Seine

It's possible that the thought hasn't occurred to you, but in recent years, this has become something of a 'thing.' In the river, along the canals, and in the lakes of the large forests of Boulogne and Vincennes, urban anglers may locate perch, pike, and black bass. Urban anglers can also discover black bass. You will, however, be required to get permission via the website Are you new to the game? Take a workshop at La Maison de la Pêche et de la Nature.

Get your skates on

Rollerblading is still another method that may be used for getting about the city. It would be to your advantage to participate in the rollerblading competitions and tours that take place regularly in Paris. Rollers & Coquillages hosts a laid-back group skate session on the street every Sunday. The trip will begin in Place de la Bastille and will last for around three hours. Everyone is welcome to participate; there are no restrictions.

The late-night Pari Roller is an even more daring kind of adventurer. Every week, on the evening of a Friday, hundreds of rollerbladers go to the streets of Paris to participate in a mystical late-night rollerblade route across the city. Register for free with the Pari-Roller Association online, and then be at the starting line in the 14th arrondissement in front of Tour Montparnasse at 21:30 with your rollerblades ready to go at 22:00. Anyone who can maneuver, balance, and stop while on blades is welcome to participate. The 27-kilometer path is difficult for the faint of heart; the typical finishing time is one in the morning. If you become a member of the organization, you will even be covered by insurance in the event of a mishap.

Hit the top outdoor markets in Paris

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure

Be on the lookout for neighborhood weekend braderies or vide-grenier sales, which are both permitted by the local Mairie, which translates to "empty the attic," even though garage sales are illegal in Paris. Take advantage of the fact that during spring cleaning, families like to clear out their closets and toy bins to stock up their neighborhood stands. Young people who are interested in entrepreneurship may earn some money by selling their used toys, books, and DVDs online. Check out the dates on this page to see when these sales will be held in the many areas of Paris and the suburbs that surround the city.

Explore the most extensive secondhand market in all of Paris.

You can find a curated collection of everything from artwork to vintage clothing, antique toys, old buttons, and books to period furniture – and even full-sized antique staircases – at the Marché aux Puces Saint Ouen, which is located near the Porte de Clignancourt. Among the items, you can find there are full-sized antique staircases. Treasure hunters from all over the world congregate in this area to scour the narrow alleyways that link the 15 different marketplaces that makeup les Puces. It is the biggest event of its sort that has ever been held anywhere around the globe; before you attend, have a look at the official map to locate the items that you may be interested in.

Because it is regarded as the flagship market within the business, Paul Bert Serpette is an excellent area to begin your exploration. After that, go to Chez Louisette for lunch, an authentic guinguette located in the middle of the market that serves classic French cuisine. In addition, while you eat, local singers who are accompanied by a live orchestra will serenade you with songs made famous by the incomparable Edith Piaf.



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