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The best places to live in France

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Are you prepared to make the leap and relocate to France? From Britanny to Alsace, here is a rundown of some of the most desirable residential areas in all of France.

There are 21 regions in France, and within each region, there are anything from two to eight departments. Every division is home to its capital city. The housing market is rather steady, and prices tend to climb higher and fall less often. Historically, price increases have been approximately proportional to the rate of inflation. In comparison to investments in other nations, property purchases are handled with more caution. You'll find some estimates of current pricing as well as a reference to the many sorts of properties that are available below; prices and types of properties do vary from location to region.

The location of a home is the single most significant element in determining its price. It should come as no surprise that major cities and towns, notably Paris, have higher costs of living. This is mostly the result of improved economic opportunities, an expanded range of cultural activities and retail options, but a narrower range of real housing options.

The prices of homes in city suburbs and smaller towns are closer to the national average. The country will rarely be more costly than living in a city. However, real estate and land in wine-growing regions may be more expensive than in other areas, and those near the shore almost often command a higher price.

The following are some additional things to keep in mind:

● Larger homes often have lower overall costs per square meter than their smaller counterparts.

● The price will go up if the property has amenities like a swimming pool, more acreage, vineyards, or additional outbuildings like barns.

● New construction is often more costly than older homes of the same size and design.

It is also essential to take into account the most recent trends in the market. Although the French real estate market as a whole saw prices increase, there has been a minor drop in prices during the last couple of years, which is consistent with the trend witnessed in many other nations during the crisis. The eastern region of France had the most substantial price drops. There is a good chance that prices of residential real estate will start to climb once again, even if it will be at a moderate to medium pace.

The following is a list that compares the cost of real estate in many different areas. This is only to give you an overview of the big picture; each department within a region has its unique nuances. The prices shown are a general reference based on square meters.


This region of France, which surrounds Paris, is home to some of the country's most beautiful and ancient cities, as well as picturesque villages, fields of lavender, and exquisite vineyards. As a result, it is the most expensive region in France. Real estate in Provence is expected to continue to be both a sanctuary of refuge and a lucrative investment for the foreseeable future.

Over €3,000 is paid for each square meter of living space, and the available real estate includes both historic stone farmhouses and contemporary residences. You should budget a minimum of €200,000 for a modest apartment, with the price potentially reaching up to €2 million or more for bigger homes that include land and a pool.


Paris needs no introduction; it speaks for itself. The territory that surrounds it is collectively referred to as Ile de France. Paris, a city that is both glamorous and international, is without a doubt one of the great cities of the world. A sizable region consisting of suburbs and rural areas surrounds Paris. Purchasing a home in or around Paris is almost certainly going to turn out to be a very profitable investment.

Apartments may be found (usually with wrought iron railings and in historic buildings in the center), in addition to contemporary villas and mansions located outside of the inner city. Other types of properties include townhouses. It is possible to purchase a property in the suburbs with three bedrooms for as low as €250,000.

Nevertheless, there is a significant amount of variation amongst the arrondissements. The most expensive square meters may be found on the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th floors, with values averaging over €3,000 per square foot.


Because of its proximity to the Mediterranean and the fact that it is one of the most expensive regions in France, the Languedoc-Roussillon will, at some point in the future, have property values that are comparable to those of the Cote d'Azur. This is an excellent moment to invest since there is a consistent demand for real estate as well as a sizable tourism sector. The most costly places to live in this region include the bigger towns, such as Montpellier, Perpignan, Narbonne, and Carcassonne, as well as seaside locations, such as Collioure and Port Vendres. Inland, rural areas often have homes on the market at lower prices.

Both traditional homes made of stone and brand new construction are both on the market in this area. Despite this, many people do not have gardens, although this is the most important wine-growing region in France. You should budget at least 150,000 euros for a starter property, with the price increasing up to far over a million for bigger properties. The opening of the new TGV line from Perpignan to Barcelona may increase the prices charged at this location.

The price comes out to around €2,000 per square meter.


This region, which has a long history of being very well-liked by people from the United Kingdom, is home to a greater concentration of historic landmarks and relics than any other part of France. Bordeaux, Perigueux, and Bergerac are the most costly cities in the area, despite the region's overall relatively high cost of living compared to those of other regions in France.

In this region, there is a preponderance of old stone homes, many of which come with land and independent structures in addition to barns. You should budget at least €200,000 for a property with land that is of a respectable size and is located on the outskirts of one of the towns.

At €2,000 per square meter, prices are comparable to those in the neighboring region of Languedoc-Roussillon.


This is the biggest region in France and has a wide variety of landscapes, ranging from the mountains of the Pyrenees in the south to the woods of the Lot and Quercy in the north. It is comprised of eight departments. Several departments in France have property listings at prices that are more affordable than average. Two of these departments are the Tarn et Garonne and the Haute-Garonne.

There is a diverse selection of homes available, including grand chateaux, rustic farmhouses, cozy cottages built of stone and wood, and modern construction on the outskirts of several of the cities. Prices may vary anywhere from one hundred thousand euros for a big home that has not been restored to well over six hundred thousand euros for a large property that has been completely refurbished. Things may be found at a more reasonable price in the southern part of the Gers. Prices are still at a level that allows for healthy competition, and when compared to those of other areas in France, this one is very affordable.

Prices come out to around 1,500 Euros per square meter.


Another incredibly huge area that has a diverse assortment of land. Due to its extensive stretches of sandy beaches and its rocky coastline, this area is a well-liked vacation destination. Old farmhouses, "plain pied" (one-story) dwellings, some with thatched roofs, notably in the Finistere department; timber-framed structures in some of the medieval town centers. These are only some of the several types of buildings that can be found in the region.

In terms of the pricing ranges offered by the various regions of France, Brittany falls somewhat in the center. You may still find buildings that have not been restored for as low as €80,000, but you should be prepared to spend an average of €150,000 for a nice house with three bedrooms. Character stone properties with land will cost more.

The price works out to almost €2,000 per square meter.


This is a location that has seen a rise in tourism over the last ten or so years, and estimates suggest that up to twenty percent of the houses there are used as vacation homes. Gite tourism is especially well suited to the terrain of the River Loire, which is characterized by its many forested areas and tiny towns and villages. Because of the large number of visitors who visit throughout the summer months, this area has a very robust rental market.

Although the average price of a home in this area is around 240 thousand euros, it is still feasible to find a house in need of repair that comes with a garden or a small piece of land for far less than this amount. Generally speaking, smaller restoration projects are relatively affordable, with prices beginning at around €40,000. On the other end of the price spectrum is a sprawling chateau, which may start for €500,000.

This region is home to a wide variety of buildings, from massive stone manor houses known as "maisons de maitres" to more modest stone cottages and barns. Some of the larger dwellings are in the shape of squares.

The price is around 1,700 Euros per square meter.


Another incredibly popular location among British citizens due to the area's alluring combination of countryside, beach, and warm weather. In reality, there are two distinct areas here: the coastal region known as Charente Maritime, and Poitou, which is located inland. Cognac, located to the west of La Rochelle, is the brandy industry's epicenter, whereas La Rochelle is a picturesque maritime hamlet that caters mostly to tourists.

There is an abundance of real estate that requires renovation in this region, and even though prices have increased at a rate that is somewhat higher than the national average in the past few years, it is still possible to find a good deal, with the price of a small renovation property beginning at about €70,000. The most appealing region is that which is next to the Dordogne, and in particular, the department of Deux-Sèvres is home to a great number of farmhouses that come at a reasonable price.

At around €1,400, the price per square meter is much lower than that of many other places.


This region of France is still more affordable than many others in the country, and because of its closeness to the United Kingdom, it continues to be a favorite vacation spot. It is even possible to commute there. In addition, there are also beautiful stretches of beach and farmland. The price range for the typical home is anywhere between 80,000 and 130,000 euros.

Properties located closer to the shore, as well as those located in and around the stunning mediaeval town of Bayeux, sell for a higher price. There is a wide range of architectural styles represented here, including stone cottages, timber-framed homes, and more contemporary villas.

The price is around €1,600 per square meter.


This rich and tranquil region may be found in the middle of France and has a central location. Although summers may be hot and wet, it is located quite a distance from the shore, and its climate tends to attract individuals who seek a cooler, less Mediterranean feel to the area.

The region that offers the most bang for your buck may be found to the west of the Cote d'Or, closer to the border with the center of France. Morvan also has relatively reasonable prices, in contrast to Dijon, which is a lively city with higher prices with the majority of its customers being French.

Prices for homes in the region range from roughly 100,000 to 130,000 euros on average, and there is a wide variety of housing options available, from quaint rural cottages to cozy homes in the heart of the hamlet to sprawling estates reminiscent of French chateaux dotting the landscape.

The price is around 1,700 Euros per square meter.


This is by far the most affordable region in all of France. Before the last several years, was mostly disregarded by purchasers of property from other countries. On the other hand, there are several beautiful villages in this region, and the cost of living is often rather inexpensive. In comparison to many other places, this area provides an exceptionally high value for the money spent and there are still some fantastic deals to be had. It is still feasible to acquire a rehabilitation project for a sum of as little as €25,000, and the Creuse department is the most reasonably priced of the three departments. In more rural areas, you'll find an abundance of older stone homes, in addition to a few thatched-roof cottages and other types of homes.

The price per square meter averages out to be 1,300 euros.


This is another location in France that is incredibly affordable, both in terms of acreage and the cost of real estate. It is located in the center of the massive mountain range known as the Massif Central, which is home to several breathtaking canyons and caves. The most common kinds of homes are those that are made of half-timbering and often have attractive facades; farmhouses, which frequently include outbuildings and land; and chaumieres, which are basically little cottages and frequently have just one room on the ground floor.

The price per square meter is around the same as it is in Limousin, and the average price here is around €130,000.


There are numerous prospering towns in this region, including Lyon, St. Etienne, Grenoble, Annecy, Chambery, and Valence. This region is known for its mountains and rivers and offers excellent investment opportunities, especially for those who like participating in winter sports. Long-term rentals are an excellent option in this region, especially in the areas around the ski resorts. The Rhone River and the Alps are the two most prominent geographical features in this area of the world. Lyon, the biggest city in France, serves as the nation's capital.

The local economy is heavily dependent on tourism, and the British community has been around for quite some time. Lavender fields, lakes, and mountains all contribute to the breathtaking scenery of the open countryside.

A wide range of properties may be purchased for a wide range of costs, and over the last decade, property values have increased at a rate that is consistently higher than the national average. Although the average price of a home is one of the highest in the world at around €450,000, it is possible to get an inexpensive studio or one-bedroom apartment for less than €100,000. There are several kinds, such as rustic mountain cabins, traditional farms, and contemporary flats.

At around €2,000 per square meter, the price is rather exorbitant.


The region of Franche-Comte, which includes a portion of Switzerland as its neighbor, is characterised by large open areas, mountains, woods, and pastures. As a result of its proximity to many world-class Alpine ski resorts, this region has a strong demand for gites, which provide great options for short-term rentals. The area is home to a considerable number of people of German and Swiss descent. Farmhouses and flats in mountain villages make up the majority of the available real estate. Prices are affordable, averaging at about 85,000 Euros in total.

The price is around €1,500 per square meter.


As a city that was once a part of Germany, Strasbourg still has a significant number of German cultural influences, and its population is diverse owing to the presence of European institutions. The people who live here have a strong sense of Alsatian identity, which contributes to the region's rich cultural and architectural heritage. A consistent stream of well-off employees guarantees that profits will be earned on sales, and there is a great deal of opportunity for investing in buy-to-let properties, especially in Strasbourg.

The costs of real estate here are more affordable compared to the rest of France, and the majority of the available houses are bigger than the standard French home. Because of the significant increase in the number of rail lines serving this area, many people believe that it will soon become a popular destination. In June of 2010, a brand new TGV link between Paris and Strasbourg was inaugurated. The property in the Meuse department is the most affordable, coming in at an average of roughly one thousand euros per square meter. However, when looking at the region as a whole, prices are somewhat higher than those in the France-Comte, notably in the areas adjacent to Strasbourg. The typical purchase price is close to €200,000.

Again, there is a wide variety of property types, the majority of which are urban apartments and rural farmhouses.

The price is around 1,800 euros per square meter.


Although prices have increased pretty significantly over the last ten years, real estate here is still around fifty percent less expensive than in some regions in the south of France. Its sustained appeal is ensured by the excellent transport connections as well as the delicious beverage. The Ardenne is a region that is sometimes neglected by British purchasers; nonetheless, the low cost of the houses in this region and its proximity to the Channel are two of its primary selling points. Farmhouses that have fallen into disrepair may be purchased for a modest price, and overall, real estate costs in this region of France are among the lowest in the country.

The price of a property with three bedrooms and the decent condition is typically about 150,000 Euros. Because it is so easy to get to, Parisians choose to shop in the Champagne region, which contributes to the region's somewhat higher prices.

There are townhouses and chic flats in the two major Champagne cities of Reims and Epernay, in addition to the traditional farmhouses and stone-built hamlet homes found in the Champagne countryside. The most costly real estate in the region may be found in the regions that are located closest to Paris, such as the Marne and the Aube.

The overall average price per square meter is €1,500.


The only two departments that make up this landmass are the Nord and the Pas-de-Calais, and it forms a triangle with the Belgian border in the north and the English Channel in the west. As the fourth biggest city in France, it is now just two hours distant by train on the Eurostar, making it close enough to commute to from both Britain and Lille. Because of Calais's thriving economy and growing appeal among French buyers wishing to settle down and find a job there, the city has excellent resale potential. It will only take you fifty-five minutes to get there from St. Pancras. As a direct consequence of this, house values have been going up consistently.

Although the typical price of a home in Hesdin is somewhere about €250,000, there are still deals to be had in the more rural and forested parts of the city. There is a wide variety of real estate available, including lock-up and leave vacation homes, farmhouses with outbuildings, and chic coastal apartments in Le Touquet, which are always popular with residents of Paris as well as the United Kingdom.

The price is around €1,800 per square meter on average.


The Somme, the Oise, and the Aisne are the three departments that make up the region known as Picardy. Memorials to individuals who perished in the Great War may be seen all across the surrounding territory. The sandy beaches that surround the bay of the Somme have not been developed or altered in any way, and there is a strong sense of openness in this area.

Longer, half-timbered homes and farmhouses are the predominant architectural styles found in this area's housing stock. The longer is a piece of rural land that has been constructed in the form of a rectangle with brick walls.

The price of an average home is around €160,000, while the price per square meter is approximately €1,800.


This is a rich area with an active market in second houses in the northern half, notably in Eure-et-Loire, because of its proximity to Paris and the Loire, which is the longest river in France and runs through it. In addition, the Loire runs through it. The scenery isn't remarkable, but there are plenty of cultural celebrations to make up for it, which more than makes up for the lack of topography. Houses may be purchased for as little as 80,000 Euros, and buyers have their choice of several villas, bungalows, and brick homes designed in contemporary styles.

Although there is a vast variety of property kinds and prices available across the area, the average price of a home is around €300,000.

The price per square meter is around 1,300 Euros, which makes this a cheap neighborhood that the British may ignore at times.

It would seem like France has everything that there is to offer, including undulating hills, an abundance of rivers, breathtaking old towns, culturally significant cities, beautiful coasts, and a great deal of open space. Shopping in France continues to be one of the most appealing options for those living in the United Kingdom. It is a nation that takes great pride in its customs, the spirit of its communities, and the values it upholds for families. In most cases, the cost of purchasing real estate in France is far lower than in the United Kingdom.

The possibility of starting a new life in France is always going to be appealing to a great number of individuals from the United Kingdom.



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