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The strangest French superstitions

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

The strangest French superstitions

To your success! There is a lot of dog excrement to walk in France, which is fortunate because local tradition holds that doing so might bring one a stroke of good fortune.

If you need a boost of luck, there are lots of ways you may find it in France - unless you accidentally violate a French superstition, in which case you'd best make sure that you take action to reverse the curse. If you do breach a French superstition, then you should make sure that you take action to reverse the curse.

1. Doggie doo

It's not hard to see why this concept gained such a strong foothold in people's minds; after all, when have you ever strolled the streets of any French city and not stepped in dog poop? If this is the case, please spread the news that French President Francois Hollande would be more than happy to bestow the Légion d'honneur upon you.

If you walk in dog poop with your right foot, the superstition states that you are destined to live a life of misery; but, if you tread in it with your left foot, it will bring you good luck; nonetheless, you will still need to clean that turd-covered shoe of yours. Here's how the superstition goes: if you step in dog faeces with your right foot, you are bound to live a life of despair; however,

2. Bread manners

Don't even think of turning a baguette or loaf of bread over on the table in the kitchen! To begin with, it's not very comfortable since the bread is unsteady. Second, it indicates that there is a trace of the evil eye somewhere in your house. I did it in front of my mother to see if she would correct me, and she did it every time before instructing me to pay more attention. I did it because I wanted to see if she would.

Before you cut the baguette or loaf, you must first make the sign of the cross with your knife on the side of the bread that is flat. If you want the curse to be lifted, you must do this. You don't want to put yourself in harm's way, do you? Even if the situation is rather confusing.

3. Lucky pompom

There is a common belief that the red pompom that sits atop the bachi worn by French sailors has extraordinary abilities. If one were to touch it, one would bring themselves an unimaginable amount of luck.

There may be some logistical challenges involved with reaching a sailor's pompom, but nothing should stand in the way of perpetual good fortune; thus, you should go out and climb a sailor.

4. Umbrellas’ disastrous powers

It is not only foolish to open an umbrella inside of a home, but it will also give you unlucky circumstances. Because there is a good risk that you may poke someone in the eye using one of the pointed portions, individuals who are standing around you will not have any good luck as a result of your actions.

5. Dinner table

The French people were profoundly impacted by the events of the final supper. Now, the mere idea of having 13 people around the table sends them into a panic because they are afraid that the youngest person there would pass away before their time.

Either exclude one of the guests entirely or add another one to the list; just make sure that nobody else receives the same treatment as Jesus did.

6. Knives

If you give a knife to a friend, lover, or family member as a gift, you run the danger of metaphorically severing all of the connections of love and friendship that you have with that person.

Because you do not want your connection with this individual to end, they are required to offer you a nominal sum of money in exchange for the gift. This transforms the scenario from one of providing a gift into one of doing business. Buy a lot of knives if you don't have any money but you have to participate in a gift-giving frenzy anyhow.



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