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Top 10 must-have French apps

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Have you just made your way to France? Downloading these top 10 essential applications can make life a little bit simpler for you in your new French home.

The challenges of day-to-day living in a foreign nation might present themselves regardless of whether you are a student in St. Etienne or a working parent in Perpignan. However, if you are residing in France, installing the appropriate French applications onto your phone while you are in France might make things a great deal less difficult.

Apps have the potential to make life as an expat much simpler in a variety of ways, including the ability to manage the public transportation system and the ability to get the finest local takeout from your phone. Here is a list of the top 10 must-have applications in France that we have compiled for your convenience so that you may download content with complete peace of mind.


You want to learn French more quickly, but you also want to immerse yourself in the culture of where you live, so what you need is a simple and fast method. Catching up on the most recent French news, sports, and television programs is a great way to demonstrate your proficiency in the language. You won't only be able to pick up the language quickly and easily, but you'll also get a unique perspective on the way people in your new country of residence approach problems and solve problems.

The French public broadcaster, France Télévisions, offers a streaming and catch-up service under the name, which may be accessed via the app. The application provides access to a diverse selection of television programs, ranging from the most recent news to dramas from France and series from other countries. The majority of the performances are shown in French, but some of them will also be presented in their native language. You may view them at home, or you can record them and bring them with you on the public transportation you use every day.

Additional must-have entertainment applications available in French:

● Radio France – You may tune in to all of the French programs, songs, and more that you like.

● Disney+ – The most recent movies as well as fan favorites may be seen on the streaming service provided by Disney.

2. Babbel

You may want to brush up on those all-important French language abilities if you aren't quite ready to settle down in front of the television and watch the most recent French television dramas. The idea of having to learn French while living abroad might be quite intimidating for some expats. However, this is not the case. There are a plethora of opportunities to learn new languages in today's world, and using a mobile app may be an excellent approach to complement your active lifestyle and let you study whenever it is convenient for you.

The Babbel app is a language learning tool that may assist you in learning French in a way that is straightforward and not too challenging. It comes with a variety of French lessons that were developed by experts so that you may make the most of the program and your time spent learning the language. You can always find time to study with Babbel, whether you're sitting on a train in Toulouse or having a short break in Brittany. It doesn't matter.

Additional essential French language applications include:

● Duolingo – Duo the owl makes learning French and a variety of other languages simple.

● Tandem - allows you to enhance your French by speaking with native French speakers in the area.

3. Citymapper

When you first arrive in a new place, it might be difficult to orient yourself. It doesn't matter whether you've been living in the area for years or if this is your first time coming; it might be difficult to figure out which train to take or when the final tram will depart. You are in luck since, in today's world, there is a plethora of software that can assist you in navigating smoothly from point A to point B.

Citymapper is an application that may be used to navigate public transportation in the cities of Paris and Lyon, as well as in Monaco, which is located nearby. It gives you the ability to plan your trip utilizing all of the available means of transportation, including walking, cycling, public transportation, and carpooling, among others. Additionally, the app will maintain a record of all of your transportation activities, allowing you to see information such as the amount of money you've saved and the distance you've gone.

Additional essential transportation applications in France:

● SNCF – App developed by the French national railway operator that may be used to purchase tickets and access information

● RATP – From the state-owned transportation company, here is all you need to know about traveling in and around Paris.

4. N26

If you have just moved to France, opening a bank account is one of the first things you will need to take care of once you settle here. Not only will this make your day-to-day life a little bit simpler, but you'll also feel more at ease knowing that you won't have to worry about the costs associated with international transactions. Sharing a bank account in France may help make your life go more smoothly, whether you're going out to dine with your family or having a relaxing glass of wine with coworkers on a sun-drenched patio. Both of these activities need money.

You may open an account with the mobile bank N26, which operates in France and allows you to do it from the convenience of your phone in a matter of minutes. The application gives users access to a variety of financial services, such as quick payments, rapid credit card approval, and a free checking account. The most up-to-date methods of mobile payment, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, are both integrated into the app for your convenience.

Additional essential financial applications available in French:

● bunq – a mobile bank that makes it easy for you to pay, transfer money, and save

● Wise – Easily send money across international borders with only your mobile device.

5. Tookki

Changing your lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly may not be at the top of your to-do list if you are an expat traveling to a new nation. You do not, however, need to make concessions to your commitment to environmental responsibility just because everything is new and written in a foreign language. There is a wide variety of ways to live an ecologically conscious lifestyle in France, from correctly recycling materials to making organic food purchases.

When it comes to getting to know your new neighborhood, the Tookki app might be of assistance. The app, which is now available in Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseilles, and Paris, will link you with local businesses that are committed to environmental responsibility in your immediate area. You'll be able to take up some new eco-friendly activities in addition to ensuring that your money is spent in an environmentally responsible manner by patronizing establishments such as vegan cafes and slow fashion businesses.

Additional essential applications for the French environmental movement:

● Too Good To Go – Reduce the amount of food you throw out by stocking up on goodies that are both affordable and excellent locally.

● Good on you – the most recent developments in sustainable fashion from the fashion capital of the globe

6. Whoomies

It may be challenging to locate a flatshare in France, regardless of whether you have just stepped off the plane or are merely seeking a new place to call home. In addition to the challenge of communicating due to language barriers, you are also at a disadvantage in terms of understanding how the local real estate market functions. On the other hand, there is assistance available in the form of current technology, and if you have the correct app, you may have access to hundreds of possible new residences.

Whoomies is an app for sharing apartments that are unique in its approach. It is not your typical apartment shopping experience; rather, it focuses on finding suitable roommates for individuals in the ideal house for each individual. The app has listings for rooms and apartments located all around France; thus, all you need to do is join up and start looking for a new place to call home. You may filter the results based on your particular requirements, which enables you to conduct a search that is more effective overall.

Other essential housing applications in France:

● Spotahome – online searching and viewing of available rental homes

● Airbnb – prices for both short-term and long-term rentals across France and the world

7. HelloFresh

When it comes to different cuisines from across the world, there aren't many that get people as enthusiastic as French food does. France is home to a diverse range of dining establishments, from the simplest of local bistros to some of the most famous restaurants in the world. But what about adapting some of those delicious French dishes for your kitchen? You have a lot of choices available to you here, such as going to the French supermarket in your neighborhood or subscribing to get recipe boxes in the mail.

HelloFresh is a meal-kit delivery service that brings fresh ingredients and creative culinary concepts to your doorstep in the form of pre-packaged meal boxes. You have access to a diverse choice of supper options that may accommodate a variety of dietary requirements and preferences. You may have a box delivered to any location on the mainland of France, which means that you can be far closer than you realize to cooking restaurant-quality meals in your home kitchen.

Additional essential applications for French cuisine include:

● The Fork - Learn about and make reservations at the finest restaurants in France.

● Deliveroo – your favorite dishes from local restaurants are sent right to your front door.

8. Time Out

When it comes to things to do, you won't have to worry about running out of options in France. There is something for everyone to do in France, whether it be attending a wine tasting in Burgundy, attending a cooking lesson in Lyon, or checking out an exhibition in Paris. However, if you are an expat who wants to experience all there is to offer, it might be difficult to keep up with everything that is happening in the world at any one time.

The app Time Out may, thankfully, be of assistance. The application, which is a component of the worldwide cultural and entertainment directory, is an excellent method to stay abreast of what's happening in France and the capital. You will be able to read reviews of the most up-to-date eateries, see listings for upcoming gigs, and learn about all of the unique events that make Paris such a great city to call home.

Additional essential socializing applications for French speakers:

● Ticketmaster – Purchase tickets for the hottest upcoming performances in France and beyond.

● MeetUp – Using this widely used social application, you may get to know new people and participate in exciting activities.

9. Lime

Do you want to help the environment and save money at the same time by leaving your vehicle at home? The last few years have seen several towns in France go through something of a green mobility revolution, with walking and cycling seeing significant growth as inhabitants seek beyond four-wheeled vehicles for their transportation needs. You may also think about using a scooter as a mode of transportation, even if walking or biking are also excellent choices for you and the environment.

That's right, if you sign up for Lime, you'll have access to cutting-edge electric scooters that you can ride around the city on. Lime is an e-scooter sharing network that now operates in the cities of Paris and Lyon. Using the app, you can discover the closest dockless scooter, which enables you to quickly get on one and go on to your next stop. It is an excellent option for making quick trips inside the central business district of the city.

Other essential mobile applications for French users:

● Vélib’ Métropole – an application for sharing bicycles in Paris that both provides electric bikes and traditional bicycles

● Kapten – an application for sharing rides that is available in Paris, Lyon, and Cannes

10. Omio

France is the nation that receives the greatest number of visitors from other countries than any other nation on earth. And it's not hard to see why. There is something for everyone to enjoy in France, from the sophistication of Paris to the fresh air of the Alpine ski resorts. But that's not the end of it. If you are a foreigner residing in France, you are in a convenient location to travel around the rest of Europe. The cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, and Milan can all be reached quickly and easily by rail.

The Omio travel app enables you to purchase tickets for your next trip, which will help you make the most of your time in Europe. It provides a comprehensive list of available modes of transportation, such as aeroplanes, trains, and coaches. You will be able to swiftly and easily compare different alternatives, as well as get notifications when prices change. Omio can assist you in reaching any destination in Europe that you have planned to visit.

Other essential travel applications for France are as follows:

● - Utilizing this software, you may locate nearby rental vehicles regardless of where you are.

● Skyscanner – Check the availability of flights to a variety of different countries across the world.



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