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Top Relocation Services in France offers seamless relocation services in France, specializing in Paris and major cities. Our expert team provides comprehensive support, from visas to finding the best places to live. Trust us for all your relocation needs, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home. Get a personalized relocation quote today!

Our Services


Please reach out to us if you have any questions. Every service can be tailored to meet almost all students' or professionals' needs!


  • Finding Apartment

  • Get You a Garant

  • Open a Bank Account 

  • Electricity, Water and Gas Subscription

  • Internet and Sim Card Subscription

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All the services included in the arrival package, plus :

  • Obtain Your Social Security Card (carte vitale) 

  • Moving Services

  • Insurances (House, car, moto, pet..) 

  • Mutuelle Health Membership 

  • Housing and Cleaning Services

  • Certified Translations



All the services included in the comfort package, plus :

  • Driving License Change

  • Public and Private Transportation Consulting Calls

  • Individual Visa Application

  • Taxes Filing (Housing, employee, pro, and property taxes) 

  • School Search

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 Starting at 29,99€: Please note that our services start at 29,99€ depending on the category and specific needs of our clients, this can be subject to a minimum quantity of services to be detailed by our experts.

Please contact us to get a free quote!

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