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French food for kids: popular dishes to win them over

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

You may give your children a taste of the culinary pleasures of France by serving them some of these well-known sweet and savory meals that are popular with children.

Even though France is home to one of the world's most elaborate and refined cuisines, it does not imply that there are not a tonne of kid-friendly dishes that are just as tasty as the rest of the country's offerings. You will not believe how simple it is to educate your children about the culinary traditions of France via food. Take a peek at these scrumptious sweet and savory French meals that even picky eaters will enjoy eating.


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Pain au chocolat

If there is one item from French cuisine that children will always gravitate toward, it is a baked dish that is packed with chocolate. The French are well-known all over the globe for their scrumptious pastries and bread, such as the croissant, brioche, and pain aux raisins, which are often eaten for breakfast. But if there is one thing that can get them out of bed first thing in the morning, it is a chocolate croissant or a pain au chocolat.

This delectable pastry is a certain way to win over the hearts of children since it can be easily held by even the tiniest of hands. And the greatest part is that it is simple to consume on the move; this means that you can still begin your days like a real Parisian by purchasing a café au lait and a pain au chocolat from the neighborhood boulangerie. If there is just one real French dish on this list that your kid is going to come to like, it is probably going to be this one. And there is at least a beginning there.

Buckwheat crêpes

The wholesome and adaptable buckwheat crêpe, which is also known as a galette in Brittany and the northwest of France, may be eaten either as a light snack or as a major course. The galette, on the other hand, is prepared with buckwheat flour, in contrast to the conventional sweet crêpe, which is made with wheat flour. The result is a taste that is deeper and more flavorful as a result of this. The true appeal of this well-liked meal lies in the fact that it may be stuffed with a wide variety of delectable and wholesome components.

Fillings and toppings such as ham, cheese, spinach, and asparagus, as well as fried eggs, are consistently ranked among the most popular options. You can make them sweeter, of course, by adding fillings like Nutella, jam, or fresh fruit. Other options include peanut butter. In any region of France, you will not have any trouble locating excellent eateries serving crepes made from buckwheat. But if you want to make your own and have some fun with it, all you have to do is follow these easy recipes that your children will like.

Croque monsieur

Since the early 1900s, the croque monsieur has been considered more of a national treasure in France than just a sandwich. It got its name by combining the French terms croque, which means "crunchy bite," and monsieur, which means "mister." It is believed that this was first done at a cafe or restaurant in Paris around the year 1910. Because it was intended to be a quick yet filling meal for the local laborers, the dish got its name, which is roughly translated as "a bite for the men." It was initially offered at this establishment.

This scrumptious snack, which is made with crisp bread, melting Emmental or Gruyère cheese, and smoky ham that is covered in Béchamel sauce, is certain to put a smile on the lips of children. In addition to that, the recipe may be made in a few different ways. If, for example, you add an egg that has been poached or gently cooked on top, you now have a croque madame, which is also often referred to as a croque à cheval in some regions of Normandy.

In the meanwhile, a croque mademoiselle is a lighter, vegetarian variant of the croque monsieur that is made with regular melted cheese and served with cucumber, chives, and salad. However, regardless of how you decide to prepare it, there is no question that your children will like eating it.


Kids throughout the globe have a soft spot for pizza. Pissaladière, on the other hand, is the way to go if you want to give the well-known dish a touch of the French culinary tradition. Onions, anchovies, and olives are sautéed and served over a crust in the region of Liguria in Italy, which is immediate across the border from France. Its origins may be traced back to this region. It is important to note that this pizza has a somewhat doughy and thicker crust than a typical Italian pizza. The well-known meal is perfect for either lunch or supper since it is easy to prepare and tastes wonderful when it is finished.

However, if it is difficult to convince your children to consume entire anchovies, you always have the option of giving them a puree made of onion and anchovies. Your children will not even notice the difference, but each mouthful will have a delightfully salty kick as a result. Because it is often given as an appetizer, pissaladière is an excellent choice for speeding up the process of feeding young children. You will be able to eat in a less hurried and more relaxed manner this way, too.

Quiche Lorraine

Now, here's a recipe that is easy enough for you to make at home. For children just starting with French cuisine, a Quiche Lorraine is an excellent choice. It has a crust made of pastry that is filled with a savory egg custard and has chunks of cheese and ham embedded inside it. Because it may be had while either hot or cold, it is a versatile snack that can be enjoyed either at home or when traveling; for example, on a picnic with the family. You may easily make it on your own by purchasing a pre-made pie crust and following the instructions on the package. After that, all that has to be done is to stuff it with your preferred assortment of things and bake it in an oven.

If, on the other hand, you would rather purchase it already prepared from the store, you will discover that you can do so in almost every location in the nation. And since it can be served for any meal or snack, it is an excellent method to introduce your young children to French cuisine while also satisfying their hunger.


Cassoulet is a casserole dish that has its roots in the south of France. It is often a hearty dish that is prepared by cooking over low heat for a long time. It gets its name from the traditional clay cooking pot, which is a circular pot with a deep center and a wide rim. The substantial French meal is available in a wide range of guises and preparations. On the other hand, children tend to choose the stewier casserole version over the drier casserole version.

If you are preparing this dish in the comfort of your own home, you may, of course, use any items you happen to have to lie about the kitchen. You may try out a variety of meats and vegetables by including them in your meals as your young children develop more daring appetites. In this approach, you will be able to progressively learn what aspects of their interests they appreciate the most. Regardless cold what you decide to put in the pot, this is an excellent method for producing a self-contained supper that will quickly bring your children's temperature up to a comfortable level.

Crème brûlée

Is there anything more enjoyable than using a spoon to break the sweet, crunchy crust of a crème brûlée that has just come out of the oven? If you have been seeking methods to get your children interested in French cuisine, then you have come to the right place. Your youngster will think that paradise is a bowl of crème brûlée, which is crunchy on the exterior and creamy on the inside. And as soon as they break through the surface and uncover the delectably creamy pudding that lies underneath, they will not waste any time devouring it.

You probably will not want to make this a regular treat since it contains a lot of sugar and fat, but it is still a delicious dessert. Having said that, the prospect of hearing that cracking sound after their main course could be enough to convince your young children to consume every last bite of the food on their plates.



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