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The Healthcare System in France: A Comprehensive Guide for Expats and New Residents

Updated: Apr 30

Table of Contents

  • Figuring out France's Healthcare

  • Moving Companies and Services in France

  • Important Cities to Think About

  • Expatriate Help Services

  • Legal and Everyday Issues

  • Health Insurance and the Cost of Medical Care

  • The Cost of Housing and Living

  • Making a Home

  • Conclusion

Many people are excited about moving to France because of its rich culture, beautiful scenery, and good quality of life. However, moving to a new country can be challenging, especially regarding the healthcare system. "Come Live in France" brought you this piece that gives you a complete picture of the French healthcare system. It also has essential moving tips and services for expats and new French residents.

Figuring out France's Healthcare

France's healthcare system is regularly ranked as one of the best in the world. Health care is provided by both the public and private sectors. Residents' state health insurance covers a large portion of their medical costs. This ensures that everyone gets high-quality medical care at a price they can afford. This is an important thing to think about if you want to live in France.

Moving Companies and Services in France

Working with a Relocation company like "Come Live in France" can make moving to France much more accessible. We offer complete packages that help you find apartments in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and other prominent French towns and set up utilities and bank accounts. Our services benefit expats who need help with the paperwork that comes with moving, like applying for visas, getting documents translated by a qualified translator, and more.

Important Cities to Think About

It can take time to choose where to live in France. Each region and city has a different mix of culture, job prospects, and way of life. Many people go to Paris because of its historical sites and lively life. But there is also a good quality of life in cities like Lyon, known for its food scene, and Nice, which has beautiful views of the Riviera. "Come Live in France" can give you personalized moving quotes and help based on your wants and needs.

Expatriate Help Services

With the right help, getting used to a new country is easy. The website "Come Live in France" has services to help foreigners fit in with the French community. There are many services, from language lessons and events for meeting other expats to assisting people to learn about other cultures. With tools like these, you can feel more at home faster.

Legal and Everyday Issues

There are many legal and practical things to consider when moving to France. Being well-prepared for everything is essential, from getting a student or work visa to learning what you need to know to drive in France. "Come Live in France" can help you get these things done quickly and easily by providing services like certified French translation for your papers or help with getting a French driver's license.

Health Insurance and the Cost of Medical Care

Setting up health insurance is very important when going to France. The country provides basic health insurance, but many expats choose to have extra private health insurance to cover additional costs and get a more extensive range of medical facilities. "Come Live in France" tells you how to find the cheapest health insurance plans and the best covering for your needs.

The Cost of Housing and Living

When they move, one of the first things people do is look for a place to live. Whether looking for a stylish apartment in Paris or a cozy house in the country, it's essential to know how much it costs to live, including rent, services like gas and electricity, and transportation. "Come Live in France" can help you find a place to live that fits your budget and way of life.

Making a Home

After moving to France, the next step is to become part of French culture. You can make your foreign experience better by learning the language, getting to know the local culture, and doing things that people in the area like. Cultural training and social events are often part of services like ours that can help you make the change.


Moving to France can be very rewarding, but it can also be challenging in some ways. Help from experienced moving companies like "Come Live in France" can be beneficial with everything from figuring out the health care system to getting used to a new neighborhood. With our help, you can make sure that your move to France goes smoothly so you can enjoy all this beautiful country offers.



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