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Fun facts about France

Updated: Mar 8

Table of Contents

  1. France is Huge

  2. It's Fun to Visit France

  3. French in England

  4. King for a Short Time

  5. Key Words

  6. Hidden in Plain Sight

  7. Love After Goodbye

  8. Inventions Galore

  9. France's Approach to Food Waste

  10. First Movie Magic

  11. A Very Long Life

  12. Saying Yes to Love

  13. Great Writers

  14. Tall Mountain

  15. Hearts and Faces

  16. A lot of Art

  17. Tastes Good

  18. April Fish Pranks

  19. Snail Delight

  20. Snail Passengers

  21. Croissant Confession

  22. Bread Superstition

  23. So Much Cheese

  24. Kiss Rule

  25. Trains that are Always Full

  26. Long Train Tracks

  27. Famous Cycling Event

  28. Origin of White Weddings

  29. Tunes from France

  30. Conclusion

Hey there! We're going to see France today. A lot of people want to go there or even move there. You might like these simple and fun facts about France. Take care of your health before you move to France. When you're in France, Cigna Global can help you get health insurance.

Let's find out some interesting facts about France:

France is huge: It's the EU's largest country and has a lot of trees.

It's fun to visit France: In 2018, 89.3 million people did so. People love going there more than anywhere else.

French in England: For about 300 years, people in England spoke French.

King for a Short Time: Louis XIX was only in charge of France for twenty minutes.

Key Words: "Liberty, equality, brotherhood" are important for France. They show what the country values.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Way back in 1915, the French army came up with a clever idea. They started using camouflage. That means they made their uniforms blend in with the surroundings, making them hard to see. Pretty clever.

Love After Goodbye: France has a unique law. If your loved one has passed away but you wish to marry them, it's allowed. It's a beautiful way to honor a love that never ends, even after someone has left.

Inventions Galore: France is a place of great ideas. Did you know the hot air balloon, the tin can for keeping food, and the hair dryer all came from France? Imagine that! From soaring in the sky to saving your leftovers and styling your hair – these inventions have changed how we live.

France does not allow grocery stores to throw away good food. It has to go to people who need it.

First Movie Magic: In 1895, two brothers named Lumière did something unique in Paris. They showed the very first movie to a bunch of people. It was like magic on a screen!

A Very Long Life: A lady in France, Jeanne Louise Calment, had a super long life. She lived to be 122 years old.

Saying Yes to Love: In 2013, France made a big decision. They said that anyone can get married to the person they love. It doesn't matter who you love; love is for everyone in France.

Great Writers: More French writers than writers from any other country have won the Nobel Prize.

Tall Mountain: Europe's tallest mountain is Mont Blanc.

Hearts and Faces: France was the first surgery site to put in a new heart and face.

A lot of art: More people visit the Louvre Museum in France than any other museum.

Tastes Good: Everyone loves French food. It's even on a list made by UNESCO.

April Fish Pranks: April Fool's Day has its twist in France. People sneak around, sticking paper fish on each other's backs as a prank. It's all in good fun and lots of giggles when you discover you're the "April Fish" of the day!

Snail Delight: Imagine this – every year, folks in France enjoy more than 30,000 tons of snails. Yes, snails! It's a delicacy there, often cooked with garlic and butter. Yummy for some!

Snail Passengers: Speaking of snails, they're pretty respected in France. Guess what if you want to take your pet snail on a fast train? You need to get a ticket. All aboard, little snails!

Croissant Confession: Those delicious, buttery croissants? They're famous in France, but they started in Austria. The French might have perfected them, but the idea was born in Vienna. A tasty bit of pastry history!

Bread Superstition: In France, bread is not just food; it's part of tradition. There's a belief that flipping a loaf of bread upside down brings bad luck. So, keep that bread right side up and enjoy the good fortune (and deliciousness)!

So Much Cheese: France makes 1,600 kinds of cheese.

Kiss Rule: You can't kiss here because it's against the law in France to kiss at train stops.

Trains that are always full: The Paris Gare du Nord station is the busiest in Europe.

Long Train Tracks: France's train tracks are very spread out.

Famous Cycling Event: The Tour de France is the pinnacle of bicycle racing. Cyclists from every corner of the earth gather annually to navigate France's demanding landscapes. It's a spectacular showcase of grit and passion, all played out under the vast, majestic skies of France!

Origin of White Weddings: Back in 1499, France started a trend that's now worldwide. They were the first to dress brides in white for their wedding day, starting a tradition of elegance and purity.

Tunes from France: Turn on a radio in France, and you're in for a treat. Stations ensure that at least 35% of their songs are French. It's a beautiful way to keep the local music culture alive and kicking!


That's the end of our list of easy and exciting facts about France. Whether you're getting ready to move to France or you love discovering new cultures, France is full of rich traditions, history, and fun modern twists to learn about. And if you're moving, remember to sort out important things like health insurance. Cigna Global can help you with that. Have a wonderful day, and why not listen to a French song? You might discover your next favorite tune!



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